Traditionally, our summer tour season has closes the end of October, and this year follows that same pattern. However, we do offer custom tours throughout the year, including winter. There are a variety of winter places to visit, despite the expectations that the roads to Glacier Point and Tuolumne Meadows may close at anytime for most of the rest of 2018 and early 2019.

Custom tours are available from the towns of Mariposa and El Portal on Highway 140. This winter we will be offering tours either with our guide going with you in your vehicle or tours in our van. If you e-mail us at we can help you plan your trip.

Some options are subject to local conditions, so we’d have to discuss those choices with you.

Yosemite Valley Tour

Depending on your group size and local conditions, we can offer several different combinations of driving and walking on the Valley floor. Snowshoeing might also be an option in the lucky event that there is sufficient snow this winter.



Walking Loops of Yosemite Valley & Tenaya Canyon

Walking the Valley’s trails is a great option and is less weather-dependent than most of the other choices. Late fall, winter, and early spring present excellent opportunities for beautiful walks and lovely photographic opportunities. Fall color and winter’s icy scenes make for GREAT photography and a wonderful off-season Yosemite Experience.



Hike or Snowshoe (depending on weather conditions) to the Tuolumne Groves of Giant Sequoias:

To visit to the Tuolumne Grove you take about a 2.5 mile hike down and back on an old road that now serves as a wide trail. You are rewarded with a chance to see about 25 Giant Sequoias.


Upper Yosemite Fall

Hike to Upper Yosemite Fall

While it’s rather steep and has many switchbacks, it can be a good choice for winter since it faces south and gets sun all day during good weather. It’s also a good choice because one doesn’t have to complete all of the 7.2mi/15.5 km and 2700’ elevation gain hike to greatly enjoy it. The most spectacular views of the waterfall and much of the Valley are found in the first 2/3 of the hike, before the second set of switchbacks.


Mist Trail

This trail to the base of Vernal Fall, over-crowded in summer, makes a lovey walk in late fall and winter,
conditions permitting. See our Custom Tour page for more details.
There are many other excellent winter options, SO PLEASE EMAIL AND/OR CALL US, so we can discuss which choices might be a good match for you.

BlackOaksWinter5E icicles

Yosemite Valley-Winter Fall Color
Yosemite Valley Winter Winter Conifers