Based in Mariposa and El Portal, California, Yosemite Close-Up Tours can offer visiting groups comprehensive, entertaining, and informative tours of Yosemite Valley’s natural and historic sites. Our experienced guide will travel with your group in your vehicle for the entire day. We will meet your group in the town of Mariposa, at Yosemite View Lodge or Cedar Lodge, in the town of Oakhurst, or at some other mutually agreed upon locality.

During your visit, we will stop and make short, easy walks to sites where your guide will explain the significance of the various features found there. You can be assured that our very experienced guides will offer your group an insightful, delightful, and inspiring Yosemite experience.

Due to the larger sizes of mini- and standard buses, parking locations for them are more restricted than they are for smaller vehicles. However, we have developed a delightful itinerary for the larger vehicles that will reveal the beautiful geological, biological, and cultural features of “The Valley of Light.” With smaller vehicles, we have more flexibility where we can stop, and if your group has one or more specific interests, we can focus on them and plan a custom itinerary to satisfy your group’s interests.

We look forward to sharing the wonders of Yosemite with you.

Cost of Step-On Guide Service: $400/day (Fee doesn’t include entrance fees or lunches.)

El Capitan in Winter