Wedding Proposal


We were approached by a creative guy who wanted to propose marriage to his lady love. “I want to surprise her with some ice skating and a winter hike that is not too strenuous, but gorgeous. It would be just the two of us, and I would like your help setting some things up on the trail – because I am planning on proposing to her. Interested in helping me out and being our guide?”

After discussing several options, we agreed on a location below Lower Yosemite Fall where they would be in the winter sun during the middle of the day. We further agreed that we would provide a small table with a white tablecloth, a red rose in vase, a bottle of his chosen champagne, and glasses. In addition, I would photograph them from a distance and not invade their special place. No posed pictures!

Wedding Porposal




We stayed in close touch by text and phone up to the moment just before they came to the table. It was a lovely sight to behold as the loving couple spent the next hour in their own special space. They departed at their leisure, and we carried the table, etc. back to our vehicle.


That night, he wrote: “Thank you so much today Ken. I appreciate your help with the special day! It went perfect. I would like you to charge an additional $100 for your time in addition to the supplies. I kept you a little longer than you planned… I was caught up in the moment. Cheers!” That night, after I sent him about 75 photos, he replied’ “I love the photos, thank you.”

Wedding ProposalWedding ProposalWedding Proposal
These are the kinds of custom options that we can offer if you have a small, special occasion in mind.

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