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This year, we added 5 recycled tractor tires to our garden.

Tractor Tire Planters

This meant we also needed to add a new irrigation valve so all the plants would get enough water, even with our very efficient, system that directs water to the roots of the plants. In the following picture, incoming water comes in at lower left, then passes thru a filter to keep particles from clogging the spitters. Then the water passes into a manifold with three valves; the blue and red valves lead to the 2 spitter systems. The black valve controls a hose which has a watering wand which is seen just above the black valve.

Irrigation System

Unlike a drip system, our system uses 1/8th” tubing from a standard half inch drip line to a “spitter” which directs a small spray to the plant roots.

Tire Irrigation System

Most of the plants are really thriving and we are just beginning to reap our first vegetables.

GardenEarly Harvest

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