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As summer wanes, our garden is producing more than ever. Our plum tree just finished its biggest crop in 5 years and we have lots of frozen plum puree as well as dried plums that we will use as trail food, snacks, and gifts.

We’ve grown lots of onions, and what we don’t use fresh, we chop with our immersion blender, then freeze for later use. Yumm!

Garden 2016Garden 2016 a
Below on the left is a morning’s harvest of various peppers & tomatoes; to the right is fresh lemon grass waiting for use in a Vietnamese dish.

peppers, tomatoes, lemon grass






The same morning, we harvested various squashes, beets, peppers, onions, egg plants, and herbs

squashes, beets, peppers, onions, egg plants, and herbs


Beets ready for cooking into a beet soup.Beets ready for cooking into a beet soup

With some sour cream, Yumm!




garlic, white onions, yellow & purple onions, spaghetti squash



Let’s not forget the garlic (above), white onions, yellow & purple onions, and spaghetti squash (below)!






Below are two views of the garden. The first one is looking west between two rows of containerized plants, mostly tomatoes, lemon grass, egg plant, and squashes, with a fountain in the center which serves as a bird-bath and water source for our local feathered friends. The second view looks northward. The right hand margin shows the fountain with 3 of 7 of the recycled tractor tires that are filled with soil and planted in vegetables and herbs. Beyond them is our “Cat-Cage” which we’ve re-purposed to contain a long raised bed filled with soil, covered with some shade cloth to help protect the plants (peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, cukes, and more) from the intense summer sun.

Summer GardenSummer Garden 2

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