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View toward Whittington Beach County Park.

Shortly after New Year’s Lisa and I flew to the Island of Hawaii where we spent 5 weeks, mostly in North Kohala where I used to live, but also making a loop around the island. We were based at some friends’ airstream trailer which had been one of Lisa’s long-term dreams.

Life at the airsteamWinter home








Lisa made a painting of our “Cowboy Kitchen” home.

Airstream painting  by Lisa

The Saturday Farmers’ Market in Hawaii is always a treat with lots of variety of tropical food products. Since I had lived there for a long time, it also offered me a chance to see and talk with some of my old friends.

Hawaii Farmers Market

We chanced upon a traditional Lion Dance which is performed during Chinese New Years with drumming from the dance troupe. The troupe stops at local business where the proprietors “feed” the lion some money; this brings good luck and prosperity for the next year to the business owners.

Chinese New Years Lion Dance

Several times we drove between North Kohala and Kawaihae where the highway is close to the water, so we saw plenty of humpback whale activity.

Humpback Whale

We did spend several days with some other friends in Kona, enjoying their hospitality. There, Lisa saw the Southern Cross for the first time…

One day, we visited Pu’u Honua O Honaunau National Historic Site.

Visiting FriendsPu’u Honua O Honaunau National Historic Site








Then we traveled around South Point to Volcanoes National Park where we spent a few more nights camping. The view toward Whittington Beach County Park.

View toward Whittington Beach County Park.


Punalu’u Black Sand Beach

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach


At Volcanoes National Park, we went to see the on-going eruption in Halema’uma’u Crater.

Halema’uma’u Crater.

We checked out Thurston Lava Tube;

We checked out Thurston Lava Tube.

The unrolling fronds of the native tree ferns are really lovely!

native tree ferns

At Pu’u Loa, the petroglyphs are really extensive and varied! The concentric circles symbolize the “pikos,” umbilical cords, that were placed there in order to invoke long and prosperous lives for the ancient Hawaiians’ newborns.

Pu’u Loapetroglyphs









A walk through the Sulfur Vents was a lovely contrast between crystalline sulfer and ohi’a lehua flowers.

crystalline sulfer ohi’a lehua flowers










After leaving Volcano, we drove fairly directly back to North Kohala where we packed up our things and prepared for our return to Mariposa. There awaited many preparations for the up-coming tour season…

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