HomeStorytellingKen Attends Historic 1999 Reunion and Celebration

As a former Yosemite rock climber, Ken was privileged to attend the 1999 Camp 4 Reunion. During the afternoon he photographed, his old friends and climbers from the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. That evening, he attended the reunion’s continuing festivities. As part of that gathering’s presentations, he was moved to sing this song about rock climbing. Please enjoy!!

With the severe flood of 1997 and the loss of some employee housing that resulted, the National Park Service (NPS) and the concessionaire, viewed Camp 4 and its surroundings as a place to re-build the employee housing that was lost in the floods. In response, Tom Frost, in particular, and hundreds of other climbers, including the American Alpine Club (AAC), rallied together in calling for Camp 4 to be named to the National Historic Register for its crucial role in the development of rock-climbing, not only in Yosemite, but in the entire world since climbers from all over the world have come and stayed here, climbed the routes here, and learned the unique skills that were developed in Yosemite. In doing so, this campground deserved to be recognized as the seminal home of the Yosemite rock-climbing which has influenced the techniques, equipment, and philosophy of mountaineering world-wide. This proposal for listing on the National Historic Register was approved, and the 1999 Camp 4 Reunion and Celebration was a result of this listing since it required the NPS to treat Camp 4 as the special place that rock-climbers have always known it to be.

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