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This year we celebrated Earth Day in Mariposa by joining in with our town’s “Clean Sweep,” trash pick-up efforts around town. Organizers solicited donations from local businesses, obtained clean-up materials for volunteers, divided the town into reasonable working areas, assigned volunteers to those areas, organized free lunches for all participants, and held a raffle for all of the volunteers to receive the donated prizes. This picture shows the gathering at the end of the event during the lunch and raffle.Earth Day "Clean Sweep"
Lisa and I spent the morning working the junction of Highways 140 and 49 North where the our office is located in the Mariposa County Visitor Center. After finishing our clean-up chores, we posed with our “collectibles” in front of the Visitors’ Center.Ken and Lisa Mariposa Clean Sweep Earth Day 2017
We posed again upon returning to the park where the event was organized.
Ken and Lisa Mariposa Clean Sweep Earth Day 2017

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