Yosemite Black Bear
Bears are out and about, foraging for their springtime foods now! These foods consist mostly of plant material, roots, shoots, and leaves of newly emerging plants, often in meadows. About 85% of their diet consists of plant material although in the spring, if they encounter a scent-free newly born fawn, they will take them for a meal if possible.
(SmokeyThe Bear eats Bambi!) We are fairly sure that we saw this bear last year, as a juvenile, in the same area as we saw it last week and again yesterday.




Yosemite Black Bear
It is an almost blonde bear. (Yosemite’s “black” bears [Ursus americana] range In color from black through dark and light brown to cinnamon and blonde.) With their most excellent smelling sense, they sniff in the meadows’ for scrumptious and nutritious roots and shoots.


Yosemite Black Bear








We had pulled our van safely out of the traffic in a turn-out to allow us to view the bear’s foraging. Occasionally, this bear would look up to keep its orientation and look for other promising foraging spots.

Yosemite Black BearYosemite Brown Bear

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